Water Wars

Stijn windig waterwars heli

#04-Final overpaint

Stijn windig waterwars heli opengl

#04-open GL screenshot

Stijn windig bek tmp

#04-Redshift render

Stijn windig cars ground 02small

#03-Different angle 2

Stijn windig flatshot lensflare

#03-Different angle 1

Stijn windig catcar finsmall

#03-Final overpaint

Stijn windig opengl

#03-open GL screenshot

Stijn windig render

#03-Redshift render

Stijn windig city 17 01 02small

pencil sketch / photoshop 1,5 hrs.

Stijn windig weirdsmall

Weird inbetween experiment thingy.

Stijn windig dystobig2

#02-Final overpaint

Stijn windig sub opengl

#02-open GL screenshot

Stijn windig testje tmp2

#02-Test render

Stijn windig war tmp3small

#01-Final overpaint

Stijn windig waterwars 01 opengl

#01-open GL screenshot

Stijn windig waterwars 01render

#01-Redshift render

Stijn windig sketches subsmall

thumbnails sketchbook

I'm doing a themed exploration: the theme is a rather dystopic near future, where climate change has brought on drought. I know it's not very original, but it's where my mind wanders.. I first wanted to do some cool Mad Max-type stuff, but as I was working on it, I realised I wanted to give it a little more of a realistic feel.
I'm also using this to get to grips with the Redshift renderer and a more 3D-based workflow in order to get compositions quickly, and to be able to generate more than just one image around the theme/concept.
I'll try to do some more and post process pics.