UNDONE Season 2

In March 2020, I started working on Undone season 2, an animated series created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy; produced by Submarine and Directed by Hisko Hulsing. Art direction also By Hisko Hulsing.
I loved season 1 and I'm a big fan of Hisko's work. Since I usually work form home, I also felt it would be fun to work in a studio for a change. You know, meet some new friends, have some Friday afternoon beers... Riiight.

4 days after I started, Corona hit and we all went home again. :D

Nevertheless, this was a great experience, because the team was so awesome. I did meet new friends (and eventually had beers), and I'm proud of having been a part of this production!

I did a lot of different jobs: Design, line art, texturing, touchup and lots, lots, of layouts.