Image made for the packaging of a perfume that comes with a high end car. So it's a car-perfume-image :)
We were given the perfume, and pretty much had total freedom to design something based on the associations that came with the smell.
This was an interesting job, as I'd never designed anything based on a smell before.

This was my thinking: The idea is about Flow, which came from the feeling of wide open spaces that the scent gave me. Flow as in airflow, but also the feeling of being in the flow/flow states, and maybe linked to the feeling one might get while driving the car. The open pyramid is the center, an artifact that acts as a focus for Flow. It attracts and emanates flow, kind of like how a temple or a church induces introspection. There's a subtle veil inside the pyramid, where I tried to suggest that one could possibly encounter a different world or state of mind when entering that space.